Management Group

Mission: Makes people and machines staying trust each other
Vision: To become the world's leading intelligent vehicle cyber security vender
Values: Technical driven; Innovation for change; Simplicity; Openness and professional

Company Culture

Beijing INCHTEK is the invisible champion of the field of Automatic Driving Security


The company's core team comes from the leading North American information security company technology executives, automotive electronics technology experts, as well as Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Continental Automotive, and other major manufacturers of technology masters, is the integration of network information security and automotive electronics security and innovation practice.


Zeng Jianjun
CEO and Founder. Successive successful entrepreneur, information security industry leader, graduated from Beijing Communication University with a master's degree. He was the vice president of Ali Group DingTalk; he was the CEO and co-founder of Beijing IdsManager, which was wholly acquired by Alibaba Group in October 2019; he was the CEO of Beijing Tiancheng Anxin (835928), which completed two acquisition transactions during his tenure and was wholly acquired by Print-Rite in March 2018; he was the CTO of WatchGuard Greater China in the United States; he was the general manager of Information Security Division of Yiyang Telecom (600289) information security business unit general manager.
Zheng Qiang
President and co-founder. He has more than 20 years of technical & management experience in the field of Chip Drivers and their application solutions, in-car products, and has over one million mass production product R&D management experience in OEM OEMs such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan. He used to be the general manager of a department of Neusoft Group.
Zhong Yanjun
Chief Technology Officer CTO. 18 years of experience in information security; served as Chief Information Security Architect of Wenyuan Zhixing; served as the person in charge of information security of Baidu self-driving vehicles, leading the security planning of self-driving vehicles, penetration testing, security protection platform evaluation, vehicle firewall design, etc.; served as the development manager of WatchGuard Firewall team in the US.
Meng Xi
COO, MBA from New York Institute of Technology, formerly Vice President and Director of Government Affairs of Zhejiang University Network Group, Director of Strategic Development and Marketing Department of KuangEn Network, and Industry Director of Strategic Development Department of Datang Mobile; 15 years of experience in government projects/strategic cooperation and many years of experience in corporate strategy and development. She has participated in many national, provincial and municipal level project executions and project management.