IDPS Intelligent Vehicle Detection and Prevention System


INCHTEK IDPS is designed to protect intelligent vehicle network connections, including functions of firewall, network intrusion detection and prevention, dynamic policy management and security log. It identifies abnormal behaviors and attack events of intelligent vehicle network, realizes abnormal detection, attack protection and event reporting, and improves vehicle capability of threat perception, security analysis, emergency response and actions, and security monitoring of automobile network. Support Linux, RTOS, Android, QNX; Supports multiple Ethernet stack and CAN/CAN-FD stack. Suitable for Ethernet &CAN hybrid gateway, IVI, ECU, TBOX and other domain controllers and vehicle equipment.

  • Automotive Network Firewall: Provides control and isolation of heterogeneous networks inside and outside the intelligent vehicle. Preset black/white list policy, real-time monitoring of vehicle internal and external network channels, reject and record  all kinds of access that do not comply with security. 

  • IDPS: Provides intrusion detection and prevention for heterogeneous networks inside and outside intelligent vehicles. Detect network anomolies and attack in real time. 

  • DPI: Provides HTTP, HTTPS and other application-layer protocol identification, data security detection and filtering for the vehicle network; identify threats in application procotols and data access that do not comply with security policies. 

  • Service behavior detection: Detects abnormal service application behaviors. Including: access frequency, traffic overload, illegal access, illegal download, etc. Deny and record application access behaviors that do not comply with security policies. 

  • AI-based dynamic policy: Built-in AI policy engine to achieve baseline management, policy update, local encryption storage; customize policy configuration and emergency policies pushing.